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On Politics: A History of Political Thought: From Herodotus to the Present Cover Image
Hard to Find
Biohistory: Decline and Fall of the West Cover Image
Special Order
Holocaust Representations in History: An Introduction (Perspectives on the Holocaust) Cover Image
Out of Print
El Secreto de Cristobal Colon: La Flota Templaria y el Descubrimiento de America Cover Image
Special Order
The Pursuit of History: Aims, Methods and New Directions in the Study of Modern History Cover Image
Hard to Find
Fighting the Second Civil War Cover Image
Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Ho'opono Cover Image
Special Order
The Methods and Skills of History: A Practical Guide Cover Image
Special Order
Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides (Holocaust Handbooks #32) Cover Image
Patterns in History: A Christian Perspective on Historical Thought Cover Image
Hard to Find
The Penguin Atlas of Modern History: To 1815 (Hist Atlas) Cover Image
Hard to Find
Historiae Britannicae Defensio =: A Defence of the British History Cover Image
Special Order