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Portable Heaters: Electric Space Home & Garage Heaters (Paperback)

Portable Heaters: Electric Space Home & Garage Heaters Cover Image
By John
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Cold room can be very inconvenient for living. Choose the right type for your home or garage & make it special place where you want to get back after work. What You'll Get Inside: - Chapter One: Heater Types - Chapter Two: Fan Heaters - Chapter Three: Ceramic Heaters - Chapter Four: Infrared Heaters - Chapter Five: Convection Heaters - Chapter Six: Radiant Oil Heaters - Chapter Seven: In-Floor Radiant Heaters - Chapter Eight: Baseboard Electric Heaters - Chapter Nine: Electric Fireplaces - Chapter Ten: Solar Heating - Chapter Eleven: Safety - Heater Purchasing Points Cars, houses, classrooms, entertainment parlors, offices are just but a few examples of place where heaters can be found to be operational. Heaters like most of the technological products of the 21st Century come in all forms, color, size, design, capacity and price. This is made possible owing to the fact that most manufacturers apply the use of technology which must be said to have better results in terms of the quality of pieces of goods produced that are more likely to satisfy the ever dynamic consumer needs. Take A Sneak Peak Inside: (Page 22) "Chapter Six: Radiant Oil Heaters Radiant oil heaters are an example of convection heaters whose main source of energy is oil. Radiant oil space heaters have a heating element and a system of pipework within which the oil in question runs. Operation is based on the heating of the oil in the pipes, the oil at this point can be said to be hot. The oil the flows in the pipes via convection, and the hot oil carries the energy, from the oil to metal cover and eventually to the immediate environment. These heaters however are not able to heat through barriers making them efficient at spot heating as opposed to other heaters that can heat a whole room without any problems. Radiant oil heaters like most space heaters are portable. This is a major advantage that makes it be classified as a portable heater. In line to that, radiant oil heaters come with handles well designed to enable carrying. These heaters as mentioned before use oil that is heated and the cycle of warming up a room continues; due to that, they are silent. In comparison to fan heaters or any other heaters that use fans the noise associated with mechanical motion of the fan is absent. Therefore, the heater can be best used in places that utmost silence is needed..." Buy Now & Give Me Opportunity To Develop Your Knowledge. - Author John If You Will Have Any Question - Will Do My Best To Answer You.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781505201987
ISBN-10: 1505201985
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 25th, 2014
Pages: 34
Language: English